Carepay: Who we are

The Power
To Care

CarePay is a health technology enterprise
with an ambition to drive healthcare inclusion across Africa.

This is a
Great Place
to Change Lives

CarePay is the developer and administrator of the M-TIBA platform. We partner with donors, public and private organisations to drive healthcare inclusion through mobile phones.

The M-TIBA platform is enhancing the expansion, enrolment and retention on a range of health schemes. We provide a real-time integrated data exchange that helps build a more user-centric health system, drive investment decisions and improve the quality of care.

We are an award winning team

Category: Achievement in Sustainable Development, with a focus on Health, Wellness and Disease Prevention.

Presented in: London - UK, 8th June 2017.


Category: Shared Value

Presented in: Durban - South Africa, 2017.


Category: Health

Presented in: Tianjin China, September 2018

CarePay Values

  • Simplify

    We make the complex simple.

    We understand the essence of an agile organization that builds an exceptional experince for its customers.

  • Open

    We are open to others and to new ideas.

    We embody transparency and honesty in our communication.

  • Act

    We get a move on to make things happen.

    By embracing action to make things happen, we deliver sophisticated solutions.

  • Pioneer

    We challenge the status quo & explore new ways.

    We take intelligent risks to discover & revolutionize new ways that drive us as a business.

CarePay Vision

A world in which health moves from a universal human right to a universal human reality.

The big hairy audacious goal